What We Do

Since inception, we have focused on tailoring our services to meet the needs of each client. Our process starts by understanding the strategy and vision and developing a plan to produce financial results within an accelerated timeline.

Our primary focus is to offer a customized management service that allows providers and facilities to focus on patient care while RPNT handles the rest. Whether you are a new practice, surgery center, hospital or office-based lab, we have all the necessary financial services to get things up and running quickly.

Construction Oversight of New Facilities

Over the years RPNT’s client base has expanded, and so has the services they offer. Many physicians, as they’ve grown, have decided to build surgery centers or private hospitals. Many have little expertise in bringing these types of projects to fruition. There are many challenges and obstacles that can derail or increase the costs and timeline of the project if experts are not involved at the beginning to protect your interests. RPNT Management Services provides a “one stop shop” to help you strategize, develop, build and run your new facility efficiently and effectively.

Practice Analysis and Monthly Reporting

RPNT has the right expertise: professional staff, accountants and CPA’s working exclusively on your business. It is important that you know what the financial status is on a regular basis. Monthly calls are set up to review your Profit & Loss statement, AP, payor contracts, revenue cycle process with aging reports that track the status of claims and payments.

The Revenue Cycle Management process can be daunting and cumbersome. Each subspecialty and healthcare delivery setting requires specific knowledge  and expertise to ensure correct coding, submission of claims and ultimately the right payment is received. RPNT has expert staff who understand the nuances of the revenue cycle process and work diligently to ensure the right
steps are taken to ensure the practice/ provider receives the correct payment based on services rendered and based on payor contracted fees.

Insurance Payor Contacting

RPNT has worked with most major insurance companies throughout the US and has developed sound relationships with the major payors that could positively impact your contracted fees. Pursuing the top payors to increase fees is something that RPNT is passionate about and works diligently to pursue better contracts for their clients.

Coding and training

Healthcare is an everchanging industry that is heavily regulated and requires the right level of expertise to ensure payments are received correctly and timely.

RPNT Coders are ICD10 certified by the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC).

They are continuously required to be current with their CEU’s and coding updates in accordance with AAPC.

RPNT Coders educate their clients on supporting documentation to bill properly and ethically.

These Coders know how to link the correct diagnosis/modifier to the correct procedure code to get the proper and maximum reimbursement.

Supply Contracting

RPNT has business relationships with many Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO) that can offer your practice and/or center with better pricing for supplies and medical equipment. Not all GPOs are alike and offer different pricing structures that can be confusing. Working with RPNT can take the guessing out of getting the most competitive prices.


Medical credentialing for insurance company acceptance can be a very meticulous process that requires many steps to ensure a clinician’s qualifications. Gathering a career history, education, training, residency, licenses, and any specialty certificates can be very time-consuming.

Because this process is labor intensive, the staff in the physician office are not always able to manage this process quickly. RPNT will work with the staff and physicians to expedite getting all providers on the insurance panels as quickly as possible.

Learn How RPNT Management can guide your healthcare practice to financial success through the changing healthcare landscape.
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